Is fluoridated water causing your hair loss?

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fluoridated waterThere are so many potential causes of hair loss and one you most likely haven’t considered is fluoridated water. In fact, the majority of information you come across regarding fluoride tells you just how beneficial it can be to your health; particularly in the prevention of tooth decay.

However, there are risks associated with drinking too much fluoridated water, with a recent study linking it to hypothyroidism – a condition known to influence hair loss.

Potential problems of fluoride

The biggest problem with consuming too much fluoride is that it starts to interfere with the way iodine works. Iodine is essential in thyroid hormone development, binding to the thyroid gland receptors.

As fluoride has a very similar structure to iodine, it too can fit into the receptor site and as it is both heavier and bigger than iodine, it often wins the battle into the receptor.

When fluoride takes over the receptors, it causes thyroid inflammation. It also prevents more thyroid hormones from being produced. So how does this relate to hair loss?

The link between hair loss and the thyroid hormone

Hair loss is known to sometimes be caused by a hormonal imbalance. In the case of thyroid disease, the thyroid hormones either drop or rise to a really unhealthy level. This in turn can affect the hair’s growth cycle. Hair loss is considered a side effect of thyroid disease, but the good news is it is usually only a temporary problem.

Did you know that hair growth often relies upon the thyroid gland to be healthy? If the hormonal levels are out of whack, it can cause all kinds of issues for the hair. Most commonly, it forces more of the hair to enter the resting phase, meaning when it sheds it will be a lot more noticeable.

If the thyroid hormone levels drop below a healthy level, hair loss can occur. If they rise to abnormal levels on the other hand, hair thinning can become a problem.

So, it’s clear thyroid disease does have an impact on hair loss, but it’s only recently that the condition has been linked to high levels of fluoridated water.


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