Have you seen the GP about your hair loss?

General Hair Loss

DoctorHair loss can be a serious condition for many people. The effects on self-esteem and confidence can be debilitating and sometimes life changing. Whilst the condition affects at least 50% of men be the time they reach their mid 30s the condition is much less common in women, although it’s assumed the psychological damage is greater.

Surprising Results

It’s interesting then, to note that the results of a recent study on hair loss in Chandigargh, India actually suggest men may actually be more prone to self-worth and confidence issues.

Some of the more surprising statistics from the study emerged from the questions about the perceived social and psychological fall out of hair loss. 69% of women to 74% of men with hair problems think it will be hard to find a partner. Also 88% of men to only 76% of women believe that problems related to hair affect a person’s self-confidence.

Belief in home-made cures

The study also uncovered a startling lack of awareness that hair loss was actually a medical condition in itself and could also mask more serious conditions.

The survey clearly showed that more than 50% of those asked did not believe that hair loss could be associated with more serious issues and chose instead to use home remedies or salon treatments instead of seeking medical advice. 76% of women and 82% of men believed that oiling hair made it grow faster, whilst 65% of women and 58% of men believed that home remedies like egg mask, yogurt mask made hair healthy.

In any case of hair loss it’s always best to consult your GP. Firstly, they’re qualified to offer you real advice on tackling the problem from a sound medical basis. Secondly the hair loss may be the symptom of a more serious underlying problem which could require a medical intervention such as thyroid or auto immune condition.


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