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News from San Diego where Histogen, known for regenerative medicines, have announced a trial for their female hair loss treatment. We look closer.



They describe themselves as a regenerative medicine company, taking and using human cells to produce products for the new “cosmeceutical” industry. Or, if you prefer the more medical description of their work: “… based on naturally-produced products from newborn fibroplasts grown in a proprietary bioreactor.

Essentially, they grow cells under simulated embryonic conditions,

Their Hair Stimulating Complex (HSC) is their lead product application, a soluble formulation as an injectable treatment for female hair loss… desperately needed of course given the severe lack of FDA approved treatments currently available to women.


Approval has been given to the company to move to trial with their injectable HSC660 treatment. It will feature 27 subjects in a randomized, blinded, placebo-controlled study. Dr Butterwick, who will be managing the trial at Dermatology Cosmetic Laser Medical Associates, said “The potential of a simple, injected treatment that stimulates stem cells in the scalp to create new hair could be life changing. We are excited to kick off the first trial of this novel HSC660 treatment in women.”

A Brief History of Success

The trial has been granted on the basis of some success shown in early studies. Previous versions of the treatment have been shown to induce some growth of new hair… between 15% and 19% according to the report we read. While that is statistically significant it is far from the “cure” that most of us imagine as the real thing. If you add 15% new hair to a Norwood scale 4 bald person they would still appear bald. We can only hope that the version that goes to trial improves again on those numbers.

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We will keep a close eye on their progress and hope for a positive report in due course. While this may not prove to be the exciting cure we are all waiting for it would seem to be another of those important steps forward in our understanding. You can see the original press release, published in Pharmiweb, by clicking here.

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