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Hilaria Baldwin is the wife of Hollywood superstar Alec Baldwin and mother to four of his five children, the latest, born just weeks ago. Hilaria has been sharing her history of hair loss and the certainty of more to come…


Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria is very well known in her own right as a fitness and wellness expert, but outside the USA it is fair to say she is probably better known as the wife of Alec Baldwin, Hollywood veteran from a whole clan of Hollywood veterans.

On her Instagram account she shared, with unusual candour for a celebrity, the details of her history of hair loss associated with pregnancy. Known as postpartum hair loss it affects pretty much all pregnant women to a greater or lesser extent. Hilaria, from her testimony, would seem to be in that group of women who suffer with it more than most.

She posted “It has been my greatest joy in life becoming a mother… we all know that it is hard, and comes with aches and pains, but one thing I wasn’t prepared for, the first time around, was the postpartum hair loss. I would actually say that it is the thing I dread the most when having a baby.”

That is quite a statement right? The thing she dreads most about having a baby, more than carrying during those last couple of months, or the birth itself.. losing hair, that and the glacially slow rate at which it returns to health.

She went on “Mine always starts to shed  around now (a few weeks after birth), picks up like horror film style around 3 months, then reduces to normal shedding 6 weeks after that. Then, the regrowth awkward process begins… tiny sticking up hairs, all over my head.

Postpartum Hair Loss

The trigger for this type of hair loss is the birth of a child. During the pregnancy the increased levels of oestrogen effectively freeze the hair cycles. Those hair follicles that were in the resting phase at that point, instead of continuing as normal into the growth phase,  once the oestrogen levels start to decrease after the birth will all fall out. The effect can be dramatic for some. Hilaria’s account is a personal version of what might happen… the hair loss peaks, on average, at around 3 months after birth. A return to the pre pregnancy state might not be seen for anything up to a year. A healthy diet and exercise might help with accelerating the regrowth but nothing can stop the process.

HIS Hair Clinic

Great to see somebody with such a high profile discuss hair loss of any type… hats off to Hilaria in particular though as her day job is all about looking good… not the one where she is married to Alec, the one where she is a fitness and well-being guru. Do send this link to any first time pregnant women you know, it might just save them some unnecessary heartache.

If you would like to discuss your hair loss situation with one of our team of friendly experts simply complete the contact form at the side of this page. Or click here to find your nearest clinic.


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