HIS Hair’s Newest Partner Goes Beyond Hair Loss

General Hair Loss

Why stop your makeover at scalp micropigmentation? We look at the work of Dr Camilla Hill who stands ready to complete your personal reinvention.


Males Grooming

HIS Hair Clinic clients come in all shapes and sizes with all cultural and age groups represented. What everyone has in common is a heartfelt desire to improve their appearance, and in doing so how they feel about themselves… and for anybody who has genuinely suffered with hair loss, scalp micropigmentation, or SMP, has the potential to completely reverse all those negative feelings.

That compulsion with their appearance is inevitably focused on their lack of hair. Once it has been addressed we often see our clients coming back for later treatments having made other significant changes. Maybe they have joined a gym, or rediscovered a long lost love for swimming or cycling. Often they have laid out money on improving their wardrobe. Some, more and more in recent times, have moved on past their hair loss and begun to take much better care of themselves through the use of products to improve the condition of their skin.

The experience of HIS Hair over the last decade is borne out by recent moves from some of the largest operators in the beauty industry. Earlier this year L’Oreal cut a deal with David Beckham to launch a huge range of grooming products aimed at men at the start of this year amid wider recognition of the huge latent value in this market.  All the major players now offer extensive male grooming products.

At the same time we have seen beauty clinics extent their offerings, both products and treatments, to male clients. These days those offerings reflect the diverse modern options for treating all manner of ailments.  As always the trick is to identify a reputable clinic operating to high standards and using only the very latest approved techniques. If you are lucky enough to live within reach of the HIS HQ in Birmingham, England we have taken care of that due diligence for one clinic in particular that we are delighted to partner with.

Dr Camilla Hill

Dr. Hill is a local girl. She qualified from Birmingham Medical School before enjoying a long career as a GP until more recently becoming a BUPA Consultant. In 2014 she trained as an aesthetics doctor and from delightfully located clinic, set in acres of green, in Barnt Green, Worcestershire, she now offers a complete range of the very latest treatments for all manner of problems.

With many of these treatments available in high street tanning salon type establishments – or worse, home visitors found on web adverts, where delivery might be performed by someone completely unqualified, it is vital you find your way to a clinic where the  credentials of your host are on full display and easily checked. You are, after all, considering something that may have permanent negative implications if done badly.

Dr. Camilla Hill’s clinic is exactly what you are looking for, an established clinic run by an experienced health professional, capable of understanding and considering any wider health implications before progressing to treatment… everyone receives a free consultation and some receive only free advice, on the basis that they are possibly overplaying some perceived minor imperfection and only in need of reassurance. It is the sort of clinic you would trust to look after someone you care about with their best interests at heart.  

For our SMP clients who had never previously paid any attention to their crows feet, or saggy jowls, the qualities of Dr. Hill and her clinical team make it a relatively easy decision to do something about it… these are, after all, people who had the gumption to go for SMP.

HIS Hair Clinic

We will write again soon with some more detail on the treatments available. If you can’t wait for that, or simply want to read more about the services on offer, please click here to visit the website.

If you would like to discuss your hair loss situation with one of our team of friendly experts, simply complete the contact form at the side of this page or click here to find your nearest clinic.


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