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Its a time of year when your hair might well benefit from a boost to its condition, we offer these home remedies based on products already in your kitchen…


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Your hair is a pretty obvious signifier of your general health, shiny hair in good condition is symptomatic of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Hair in bad condition is slightly less indicative since the condition can be triggered by such a wide range of possible causes that it is almost impossible to judge by looking alone. However, study the hair a bit closer and it is possible to discover a great deal about the owners diet and general health. 

As some of the fastest growing cells in the body hair requires a lot of energy. Because it is constantly sourcing its material it can reflect exactly what the owner was putting into him or herself for food, levels of alcohol and other toxins can also be measured. You can easily imagine then why what you put in has such a profound and quick effect on the appearance of your hair.

Reach for the Remedies

One of our favourite therapy sites, MindBodyGreen offered this overnight treatment as a cure for the end of summer ailments like dry, frizzy or damaged hair. According to what you need on your hair you should an oil that ticks the right box, moisturising, nourishing or repairing. Coconut or avocado are recommended for moisturising, apply by working in a generous amount of oil from the  middle of the hair shaft to the ends. If you are going for nourishment then jojoba or olive oil should be used, in this case you apply the oil into the scalp and work it all the way through the hair. Finally the repairing oils, meadowfoam seed oil and black cumin seed oil, are also applied into the scalp and worked all the way through.

Whichever oil you use you will want to put your hair up or into a shower cap for an absolute minimum of an hour, preferably overnight. You will then need to shampoo thoroughly, probably several times if using the coconut or avocado, before using conditioner. The oils will replenish your hair with moisture and help seal that moisture in.

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We are big fans of this sort of home remedy, one that costs virtually nothing and seems to make a lot of sense in terms of its claims of efficacy. Click here to read the original article.

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