Healthy hair growth and a vegetarian diet

General Hair Loss

Hair is made up from protein and therefore needs a good supply of protein from diet to ensure a healthy head of hair. For those that include meat in their diets, there is a plentiful supply of protein. Unfortunately, for vegetarians, their diet does not contain as many proteins and this could cause problems with hair growth.

The growth of healthy hair is down to a combination of different factors. They include lifestyle, diet, genetics, medication and illness. It may be more than one of these factors that can cause hair loss in an individual. It is not just down to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet to keep a good head of hair, there can be times due to illness or medication that no matter how healthy the diet hair loss might be seen.

Genetics is another important factor and one that, unfortunately, cannot be avoided if there is a history of hair loss in the family known as pattern hair loss. As there are a number of factors it is important is hair loss is noticed more than the normal that an expert opinion is sought. An average of 100 to 150 hairs are lost on a daily basis and this is a natural process.

To ensure that vegetarians get a good supply foods such as egg yolks, peanuts, lentils, tofu, wheat, barley, brown rice and beans should be eaten on a regular basis. Protein plays a major part in the growth of new hair and without it hair thinning will be noticed. As proteins from plant-based food does not digestive in the same way as from meat it is important for vegetarians to have a higher intake of protein.

Iron is another essential mineral that is required for good hair growth and is not a high factor in many vegetarian diets. In order for a healthy hair growth a good supply of blood must reach the scalp to ensure valuable minerals and vitamins feed the hair follicles. Iron is responsible for ensuring oxygen reaches cells all around the body and for vegetarians to keep the good supply dark leafy greens must be added to their diet. Fish is also another good supply of iron. Vitamins A and C are another essential nutrient which helps with the production of sebum and natural oil made by hair follicles. Without a good combination of vitamins and minerals the health of hair will suffer and therefore diet is an important factor. Whether vegetarian diet or meat diet ensuring that it is a well-balanced diet will help with hair growth. However, no matter how good diet is there are other factors in life that will force hair loss.

Zinc and magnesium are just two other nutrients that should be built into any diet to help with the general well-being of the body and the health of hair. With many people leading a busy lifestyle today a healthy well-balanced diet is not always followed as it is often easier to pick up a takeaway on the way home. For those who suffer from hair thinning, this type of diet will certainly not help. If a healthy vegetarian diet is followed with sufficient protein and iron there is no reason that there should not be healthy hair growth unless there is some other underlying factor. This is when it is important to seek the advice of a professional as often the first sign of an illness can be the loss of hair. If medication or illness is the cause, the good news is hair will start to grow again when the illness is cured or medication is stopped.


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