Can swimming pools cause you to lose your hair?

General Hair Loss, Specific Conditions

Hair loss can be due to several different factors and chlorine in swimming pools has been known to be one of these factors. Too much chlorine in the water can upset the pH balance and cause hair to become brittle and in severe cases to fall out.

For those with blonde hair particularly, the chlorine is also known to give the hair green tinge but fortunately this is not permanent and a few days out of the water will soon resolve this. It is important that pools are regularly tested to ensure they have the right balance of chemicals in the water. Unfortunately this is not always done and hair can be damaged not just on the head but other parts of the body as well.

The average loss per day is between 100 and 150 hairs, and this is a natural part of the three stages hair growth goes through. If more hair than normal starts coming out when brushing or after a shower then the advice of a professional should be sought as there may be underlying causes to hair loss. Often when the body is not working properly, through illness or anxiety, the hair will be one of the first signs that there is something wrong. By seeking professional advice the consultant will be able to establish what the problem may be by taking a full medical history, eating habits, lifestyle and genetics. Diet is an important factor in the health of the body, its organs and hair. It is essential they get the right balance of vitamins and minerals to ensure healthy growth but even eating a healthy by diet does not deter hair loss when other factors are involved.

Genetic hair loss known as androgenic alopecia affects both men and women of all ages and unfortunately is a condition that is natural to that person. It starts with a receding hairline above the temples and works its way of back until there is a horse shoe like shape on the Crown. In women it is not as dramatic and is normally in the form of thinning patches on the top of the head.

There are several combinations of treatments that are available and will include diet and lifestyle and this is why it is important to seek the advice of the hair specialist who will be able to prescribe the right combination. Chlorine can be a big factor in the condition of the hair, especially for those who are regular swimmers, but it is not necessarily the only factor and at different times of the year it might have different effects. Outside elements also have an influence on the condition of hair such as the sun, wind and rain and all these need to be taken into account when looking at hair loss reasons. Most conditions are reversible once the body is back to full health but not for those with androgenic alopecia.


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