Hangovers and hair loss

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hangover hair loss

hangover hair lossAs we come to the heaviest party season of the year it might be worth considering the damage that over indulging in the Christmas spirit isn’t just bad for your general health but it could also be affecting your hair.  Here are just some of the ways that too much alcohol can lead to hair damage:

How alcohol affects hair

  1. Think of how you feel after a night out. Along with the headache you’d probably say you feel flat.   Well guess what, so does your hair.  The natural springiness and gloss will definitely be gone in the morning.
  2. You know that mouth like the bottom of a bird cage feeling in the morning.  That’s alcohol dehydrating you and if your body doesn’t have enough water then your hair is one of the first things to suffer.  After a few nights of that your hair is likely to lose all its moisture, become very brittle and prone to damage, such as split ends.  Whilst it’s unlilkely to be a permanent problem it might take a while to sort out.
  3. Hair Loss – yes you can actually lose hair from over indulging. OK the odd party or a few glasses of sherry aren’t going to see you going bald but continuous and habitual drinking can lead to liver damage and one of the first signs of this is hair loss.

Hair loss through drinking could be a warning sign

Hair and skin are pretty good barometers of general health so you shouldn’t be surprised if too much partying ends up with your hair looking limp and lifeless.  If you think that you might be actually losing hair as a result of drinking though then it’s definitely time to make an appointment with the GP to diagnose any other underlying health problems such as cirrhosis.


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