A cup of tea to prevent hair loss?

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tea for hair loss

tea for hair lossEvery week, if not every few days there is always some new ‘miracle’ hair product or technique available claiming to prevent hair loss, improve the overall condition of your hair and even claiming to thicken your hair!

Recently the new hair care brand Pai-Shau, has debuted tea-infused hair care products and a blowout service. The company claims that tea has superior benefits for the scalp and we all know healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.

How does it work?

Each of the hair care products are infused with combinations of different teas, such as white, green, black and even African red bush tea. They claim the tea has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties on the skin and is colour safe, oil-free and suitable for all kinds of hair textures. Pai-Shau products are suitable for most skin types too, as many women with sensitive skin have found they weren’t suffering from any dryness or allergic reactions as a result of the product.

Tea has the unique ability to both stimulate and soothe the scalp simultaneously, which can encourage hair growth yet still keep the scalp calm so that existing and newer hair can flourish. Tea also comes with the added bonus of caffeine, which is used as a natural suppressor of DHT (a hormone which has been found responsible for hair loss).

Is it safe to try tea-infusion for hair care?

Although there is absolutely no harm in trying tea infused hair products, you need to remember that this method has not been clinically proven to be able to treat hair loss. If you are suffering from hair thinning or hair fall; it’s best to speak to a hair loss expert for a professional diagnosis and guidance.

There are a number of clinically proven treatments ranging from medication to Scalp Micropigmentation and if you’ve got a hair loss problem a delay in seeking proper advice could result in irreversible problems.


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