Hair Loss Treatment Can Cause Depression

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finasteride female hair loss

Finasteride has been in the press for all the wrong reasons of late with confirmation of it’s side-effects, we can now add depression to the list. It’s enough to get you down isn’t it?


A Hairy History

finasteride female hair loss

Finasteride is very well known to us here at HIS HQ. As one of only two FDA approved medications for hair loss you would expect us to take a great interest. Historically that mainly focussed on it’s efficacy. Finasteride is the generic name for the drug, developed by Merck, which is the active ingredient in Propecia… a name that will be familiar to its hundreds of thousands of users. It is an oral medication for men to prevent hair loss. We can tell you that it certainly works, in that for some men it can prevent further hair loss. Since receiving it’s FDA approval in 1997, when it was heralded as a miracle cure, the reality has kicked in. It will not, except in a few cases, see hair sprouting again from long dead follicles and the list of side-effects, or at least rumors of side-effects, grew and grew.

Coming Clean

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Recently the results of studies have been published confirming some of those rumors as very much based on fact. There is a clear link between taking Finasteride and developing sexual problems, problems that can persist even after you stop taking the drug. A problem given that to be effective the drug has to be taken daily for the rest of your life, as soon as you stop taking the medication the hair loss will continue on its path.

Bad News From Boston


Along with a heightened risk of developing prostrate cancer you might think that would be enough to put most people off and find an alternative way to treat their hair loss. The bad news is that a team from Boston University’s School of Medicine have published a report pointing to depression as yet another. Which really should be setting off alarm bells for anyone considering which might be their best option.

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Hair loss is a deeply personal situation and the temptation to go for Finasteride is huge, that FDA approval carries a lot of weight. But if you want to discuss your situation with one of our friendly team of experts, and really understand your options in detail, simply complete the form at the side of this page or click here to find your nearest clinic.


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