Hair Loss Due To Thyroid Problems, What You Need To Know

General Hair Loss

The thyroid gland performs a vital role, when it misbehaves the problems can be serious and hair loss is an important symptom that should see you running for the doctor. We take a closer look.

Your Thyroid and You


The thyroid gland does the significant job of distributing nutrients around the body and in so doing controls your metabolism. When it goes wrong the implications can be serious, and incredibly difficult to spot without blood tests. In some instances the patient’s history will mean that the medical team will be on the lookout, prolonged periods of stress will trigger a change in the behaviour of the thyroid seeing it focus itsh  delivery of nutrients on the area causing the stress. This means that after a serious accident or surgery those nutrients are not being supplied in their normal level to the rest of the body.

A more insidious problem is when the trigger for thyroid imbalance is not as obvious as something like surgery. When the slings and arrows of everyday life slowly get on top of you leading to increased levels of stress, or a persistent illness that you struggle to shake off… bear in mind that stress and poor diet, of the sort so many of us suffer with as we try and cope with the pace and pressure of modern living, will have a negative effect on our immune system and leave us prone to bugs.

Thyroid Triggered Hair Loss


Hair is the fastest growing tissue on the human body, as such it is extremely vulnerable to change and hair loss is often the canary in the coalmine where serious underlying issues can be flagged. Thyroid imbalances are just such an underlying issue. Untreated, often because the problem has gone undiagnosed, thyroid imbalances can lead to a range of much more serious health issues… so linking the hair loss to the thyroid problem quickly is vital.

One feature of this type of hair loss is that the thinning is diffuse, because the nutrients are being deprived from the entire scalp the whole of the head is affected. For men this is substantially different to the retreat of the hairline associated with genetic hair loss. Unfortunately for women this is exactly how female pattern baldness presents too, making that trip to the doctor all the more important.

Be Kind To Yourself


It is not unusual for those receiving medication for a thyroid problem to blame the medication for hair loss. This is not the case, simply that the hair growth cycle is a long one and it can take months for your hair to return to normal once the thyroid is balanced. Combining that medication with good diet and exercise is key, along with drinking plenty of water. So it will need patience but you can anticipate a full return to hair health.

HIS Hair Clinic


For over a decade HIS clinics have been transforming lives with a commitment , if you are dealing with your own hair loss problem an appointment with one of our experts is a must. We offer a free assessment and work with you to arrive at an appropriate treatment plan, based on the understanding that every client has their unique combination of situation and expectation. Find your nearest clinic by clicking here or complete the form at the side of this page.


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