Hair Loss? Check Your Diet!

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The complex requirements for a healthy head of hair mean that almost any modern diet will cause problems – We take a closer look.


The Link To Diet

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The modern-day obesity epidemic has driven a demand for ever more outlandish diets – so-called mono diets where a single product is the only one consumed are at the extreme end of the spectrum but pretty much any diet which cut out a category of food completely will be doing some harm. The good news is that the direct link between the quality of our diet and the health of our hair is better understood than at any time in history.

Hair Essentials


We are bombarded with temptations towards making bad food choices, sugar and fat rich with many containing both… a combination that does not exist anywhere in nature. In truth it is probably enough for many to simply cut these out. But if you want to diet seriously and pay all due consideration to the health of your hair, not to mention your wider health concerns,you will need to think carefully about what makes it into your shopping trolley.

The list of foodstuffs needed for healthy hair is surprisingly long. Hair is made of a type of protein, keratin. So naturally protein is a top of the list necessity. You also need to be conscious of mineral intake… iron zinc and magnesium are all essential to hair health. In addition to minerals there are also vitamins to consider, to tick all the boxes for hair you will want to be sure you are getting enough A, PP, D and B. Oh, and did we mention essential amino acids.

Little wonder that diet can pose a threat to healthy hair. Missing elements of this list can see follicles tipped into their resting phase. Hair will lose lustre and shine before breaking off, if the diet is continued the rest phase can become extended… joined by other follicles over time it will become a highly visible problem – One that can affect hair from all over the head.

So What Should I Be Eating?


It is vital you seek advice before dieting, it may have other health implications according to your situation. A nutritionist will ensure you are getting all the right stuff… but if you insist on embarking on your own diet it is important you make sure all the key food groups are represented. Grains, vegetables meat, fish, fruit and nuts… all play a part and all should feature in some form or another.

HIS Hair Clinic


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