Gareth Bale Heads For Surgeon To Cure Hair Loss Worries

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It is being reported that Gareth Bale has succumbed to pressure and decided to do something radical about his hair loss, the UK press would have us believe he is to go under the knife.


Gareth Bale, Superstar

bale with hair

Born in Cardiff in 1989 Gareth’s talents as a footballer were spotted early and by the age of ten he was on the books at Southampton. By the ripe old age of 17 he had made his debut, not just in the Southampton first team but for his country of birth, Wales.  His pace and ability to strike a dead ball saw him snapped up by premier league Tottenham for a cool £7 million for the start of the 2007/08 season. Having signed on as a left-back, a defending role, he suffered, along with the rest of his team, from indifferent form and results. This led to a succession of managers as the club desperately looked for the right formula for success. Under the management of Harry Redknapp, a vastly experienced man, Bale would make the move that would see his career go from strength to strength. Pushing Bale up into an attacking role would give full vent to the array of talent that was now on display. Within a couple of seasons he was attracting the interest of the big clubs, including the biggest of them all, Real Madrid. After a very long courtship the transfer was finally leaked to the world and he moved for the beginning of the 2013/14 season… for what was then a world record fee of a smidgin over 100 million euros.

The Man Who Has Everything, Including Hair Loss

bale bald

These days Bale has established himself as one of the leading lights in a team of “galacticos.” He is living happily in Madrid with his high school sweetheart with whom he has had two children. It would be easy to think that everything in young Gareth’s life is rosy. But it turns out he lives with the daily misery of hair loss. Many had wondered why he went for the man bun, his hair grown long and gathered into a knot at the crown… it turns to be masking a considerable bald patch. He was outed during last summer’s world cup when playing for Wales, his man bun fell out and the hair cascaded down his back, but the bare crown was very visible. Since then it has made appearances in countless articles and blogs, the cameras are waiting for it if Madrid play in rain – which amplifies the problem making it visible even if it is still held in the bun. Footballers are guaranteed to receive abuse on-line, whether from opposition fans or their own when things aren’t going so well. As Bale has discovered, given something to get their teeth into, like a bald patch, they can really go to town.

According to the Daily Star he has consulted with Welsh team-mate Joe Ledley, another sufferer, and is seriously considering a hair transplant. The upcoming summer break will give him his longest break away from the cameras though, as Wayne Rooney discovered, possibly not long enough for a full healing to take place.

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Whether Bale heading for a surgeon is down to the terrible trolling he receives, or simply that he does not want to see a bald man in the mirror, we wish him every success and hope he gets what he wants. His pockets are deep enough to find the very best surgeon and be able to go back for more if needed.

Most of us are not in his position of course and if you want a down to earth discussion about your own hair loss situation simply complete the contact form at the side of this page to arrange a free consultation with one of our friendly team of experts. Or click here to find your nearest clinic.



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