Four natural ways to prevent hair loss

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Four natural ways to prevent hair loss

Four natural ways to prevent hair lossMale pattern baldness is an unwelcome and almost inevitable sign of ageing for most men. There are a range of conventional procedures and treatments that are available from specialist hair loss clinics but what if you’d prefer to try a more natural remedy? Interestingly, there are a few homeopathic approaches that claim successful results. The four discussed below are all suggested as dietary supplements.

Red reishi

This Asian mushroom is long known to have health giving qualities. Simply add it to a salad or a soup or to any dish you’d normally add a few mushrooms too. Although it might be tempting to dismiss this ancient Chinese medicine recent studies conducted around the world have indicated that it does offer protection against a number of diseases or illnesses and that it can be effective in tackling auto-immune and skin disorders, both of which can cause different forms of hair loss.

Proteins, Zinc, and Iron

As a general rule, a lack of these dietary components can result in hair loss so eat plenty of fish, nuts grapes and berries. If necessary, take vitamin supplements to ensure that you keep the daily levels up.


These compounds are made by your body but can also be ingested. They are essential for cellular proliferation and are crucial to the production of hair follicles. Not only that but by boosting the levels it may be possible to live longer. Polyamines can be found in mature cheese, shellfish and oranges.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Whenever you have salad just make a dressing with this oil. Don’t use it for cooking though as it can end up making everything taste bitter. Pumpkin seed oil is a rich source of phosphorous, magnesium and zinc as well as being a powerful anti-fungal agent. A clinical study in 2014 went some way to proving that this complementary medicine did indeed have a positive effect on hair growth in a 76 man trial over 24 weeks.


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