Eight ways to avoid hair loss

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heat damage

heat damage

  1. Go easy with the heat. Too much styling with hot irons and hair dryers can permanently damage hair.  If you must style all the time think about using the cool setting.
  2. Eat a balanced diet. At the end of the day our hair is like a barometer of our general wellbeing.  If your body isn’t getting the right mixture of vitamins and minerals it might well have a negative effect on your hair and skin.
  3. Treat your hair well. It should go without saying but over vigorous drying and brushing or too tight man buns and pony tails can result in traction alopecia and unwanted shedding.
  4. Chill out. Easier said than done but one of the causes of hair loss is stress and anxiety.  Recent studies in China showed that men were losing their hair at an early age and there’s a theory that this is down to the stress of modern living.
  5. Avoid pollutants. There’s growing evidence pointing to pollutants as one of the causes of hair loss.  That’s not just from the obvious things either.  Recent research has indicated that household items (including shampoo!) can even cause the problem if the lid is left off.
  6. Don’t use chemical products. Unless it’s a proven medication like minoxidil or finasteride then natural is best.  Hair dyes for example can have a negative affect on a healthy head of hair.
  7. Stop smoking. If you haven’t already stopped then this is another reason to kick the habit. Regular smoking results in dry and damaged hair and potentially irreversible hair loss.
  8. Drink in moderation. There’s nothing like a hang over to leave your hair limp and lifeless.  Ongoing continuous drinking to excess can result in more severe health problems and potentially total hair loss.

All the above can help maintain a healthy head of hair.  Unfortunately, none of them will stop some forms of hair loss such as androgenic alopecia.  They might help by slowing down the process, but ultimately other treatments might be required.  If you’re concerned about hair loss then please fill in the form on the right to make an appointment to speak to one of our friendly experts in confidence and for free about the options.


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