Dr Wolff to capitalise on Korean hair loss market

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Dr Wolff to launch Alpecin hair loss shampoo in Korea

Dr Wolff to launch Alpecin hair loss shampoo in KoreaThe creator of Alpecin caffeine shampoo, Dr Wolff, has revealed plans to break into the Korean hair loss market. After results of a survey commissioned by Alpecin, showed hair loss was a major and increasing issue for Korean men, Managing Director of Dr Wolff, Eduard Doerrenberg, saw an opportunity to capitalise on the market.

Could Dr Wolff hair loss products outshine the competition?

Doerrenberg is confident the company’s products will take over the Korean hair loss market. Even its largest competitors in the country have very little knowledge of hair loss and how it can be prevented. Many of them have simply joined the market to cash in on this common, lucrative problem.

Once consumers see how effective the Alpecin shampoo is at both slowing down hair loss and preventing it in the first place, Doerrenberg is confident they’ll stop using other brands.

Launch of Alpecin has already proved popular with Koreans

The company actually launched its brand in Korea back in March, and has claimed it has already gained significant sales growth. The sales have reportedly risen by a staggering 200%, highlighting just how keen Korean men are to try out new hair loss solutions.

It’s unsurprising the shampoo has already taken off in Korea. The Alpecin brand was actually launched in 1930 and has gone on to sell an impressive 125 million bottles of its famous shampoo. They are sold in over 40 different countries, and have been rated the number one hair loss shampoo for men in Taiwan, Germany and Hong Kong.

Dr Wolff now plans to launch two more products in Korea. These include a chlorine-free toothpaste known as Karex, and a female hair loss shampoo known as Plantur.

Overall, the Korean hair loss market is extremely competitive, but Doerrenberg is confident it’s only a matter of time before Koreans start to realise just how effective the Alpecin shampoo is.


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