Could these four foods be causing hair loss?

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Could these foods be causing hair loss?

Could these foods be causing hair loss?Hardly a week goes by without some new natural wonder cure for baldness being promoted by new age health blogs. Onions, Watermelon seeds and wasabi are just some of the more recent foodstuffs that can apparently stem hair loss and even restore it!

What about the other side of the coin though? Surely there must be some foods that can actively damage your hair? Well according to Canadian magazine, OLM Ottawalife there are some foodstuffs you should avoid if you want to maintain your crowning glory.

Peanuts and hair loss

It’s proably unfair to target the peanut as the actual issue here is allergic reactions which sometimes can cause some hair loss. Yes, the peanut is known to cause severe allergic reactions but then so does shellfish, pollen and even wheat.


Again, this is a little spurious as there’s no proven connection but just a general consensus that alcohol is bad for us. It’s probably true to view the hair as an outward barometer of general well-being so in a sense too much beer may ultimately have an effect on your hair by damaging your overall health.

Sugar-free foods

The real culprit here is aspartame, an artificial sweetener which has been linked to a range of health problems, including hair loss. On the other hand, gorging on sugar is generally bad for your health and can have the same effect as too much beer.


It’s actually refined carbohydrates which are the problem here and these can affect your body in a few ways, notably causing high blood pressure and stress. Both of these conditions have been firmly linked to hair loss.

Hair loss is a complex subject and often the causes remain unknown. There may well be a dietary connection but it’s more likely to be a hereditary condition or an autoimmune problem. If you notice that you’re shedding more than 100 hairs per day on a regular basis then it’s probably worth seeking expert advice before it’s too late and not just cutting back on the beer and nuts.


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