Could guava leaves be the cure for your hair loss?

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Guava leaves for hair loss

Guava leaves for hair lossThe Internet is a mine of information when it comes to hair advice but it can be difficult to know which sources to trust.

There are hundreds of articles about ways in which to cure hair loss or to prevent it – the natural way. Many of them are not scientifically proven which can leave doubt in the mind of the reader. One of the natural ingredients often referred to is guava leaves.

Guava leaves for hair loss?

Granted, guava leaves are packed full of vitamins and minerals and can have a positive effect on your overall health.
People use them for everything from soothing insect bites or improving fertility to curing acne and repressing appetite. They also boil them and allow to cool at room temperature before massaging into the scalp to prevent further hair loss.

In fact, guava leaves can be added to a long list of natural remedies that are supposed to be good for preventing hair loss. These include Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Palmetto, Ginseng and Evening Primrose Oil.

Now, while these ingredients are full of healthy ingredients and won’t be doing your body any harm, there is also no conclusive evidence that any of these are effective when it comes to hair loss prevention or cure. Without the scientific proof, they are sometimes put down as another crazy hair loss claim.

What really works?

If you prefer more viable hair loss solutions, backed by science, there are many treatments available.

Leading hair loss clinic His Hair Clinic offers a wide range of hair loss treatments , including scalp micropigmentation and hair transplants worldwide.

If you prefer the more natural hair loss remedies, they do also offer a caffeine shampoo. Caffeine has been shown to protect the hair roots and follicles from something called DHT or Di-Hydro Testosterone – a function that is left over from puberty in some adults and a known key factor in hair loss.

It is important to add that caffeine has also not been medically approved as a hair loss product but as far as natural remedies goes, it is well respected in the hair industry so if you like to experiment with natural remedies, it is a great place to start!


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