Could Easter eggs be good for your hair

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easter egg hair loss

easter egg hair lossDark chocolate is renowned for its health benefits when eaten in small quantities. However, one of its most exciting side effects is its potential to promote hair growth. Not only that, but chocolate is also said to add shine to the hair.

So, does this mean if we eat chocolate, our hair will benefit? Below, we’ll look at the link between chocolate and healthy hair and whether it can really prevent hair loss.

How does chocolate benefit the hair?

According to some experts, adding unsweetened dark chocolate to yoghurt and honey and mixing it into a hair mask can help to add plenty of shine to your locks. After leaving the mixture on for one hour wrapped in plastic film, simply wash it off with cold water and you should instantly see your hair is much shinier than it was before.

It’s also said that eating a little dark chocolate every day will help to boost blood flow and oxygen within the scalp, promoting new hair growth. This is all said to be thanks to its zinc, copper and iron mineral content.

Is it a good hair loss solution?

As exciting as this news is, unfortunately it’s highly unlikely to do much for your hair. Unless you were to cut most other foods out and mainly eat chocolate, your hair isn’t really going to benefit. Also, cutting other foods out of the diet could actually trigger hair loss due to nutrient deficiency.

So, eating one or two pieces of dark chocolate each day could provide great health benefits, but it’s definitely not the best hair loss solution. There’s all kinds of effective clinically proven treatments out there these days. You’d be much better off eating a healthy, balanced diet and seeking advice from a hair specialist about your hair loss worries.



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