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In an interesting article we found a young man with a refreshingly upbeat take on his own hair loss.


Hair Loss Among Young Men

A study, from the website of the US National Library of Health, based on over a thousand randomly selected men between the ages of 30 and 50, found that, of the 394 men that were aged 35 or younger, 39.2% of them were already experiencing significant genetic hair loss. Some estimates put the figure much higher and the American Hair Loss Association put it at two thirds. Another study, by the American Society of Dermotalogic Study, observed some 16% of men aged 18-29 had experienced hair loss. That is one in six men. Millions. Tens of millions in fact.

Whichever figure you take it represents a significant proportion of the age group. While that figure reduces as you move down to the younger end of the scale it still means that there are millions of young men, by which we mean under 25 (though we are specifically talking about their being young in terms of the stage of the hair loss), experiencing it. A proportion of them will in turn be struggling to cope with the experience.

The Collegian

Hillsdale College is a private, conservative and Christian college in Michigan. We found an article written by Mark Naida in their college magazine, The Collegian. The author offers us his own slant on the whole thing at the outset with his quote: “If you are balding, that is a gift, because God is reminding you that you are getting uglier and you are going to die soon.”

For his article he spoke to a few students around campus, all of them experiencing hair loss, to get their take. One particularly struck us as a great example of a young man living with his baldness. Senior Daniel Cody said he had realised he had a problem with hair loss, and a concept of what the future held, as early as his middle years of high school. When he asked his girlfriend out on their first date he laid the bare facts out for her: “I gotta warn you. I am gonna be bald. And soon. By the time law school is over, it is all going to be gone.” He also made a case for the single significant benefit, as he sees it, of going bald young: “It is a mercy to lose your hair when you are young, or at least know you will.” He went on: “The guys who baldness really affects are the guys who had really great hair when they were young…. they are all, ‘I am going to die someday, blah blah blah.’ ”

HIS Hair Clinic

Young Mr Cody raised a smile for us here at HIS HQ, pre-warning a possible girlfriend is surely the ultimate in acceptance of your own hair loss. At the same time this is not for everyone, indeed one of the other contributors is hard at it with the minoxidil. Seems Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) has yet to make it’s way onto campus… maybe when it does they, Daniel Cody apart, can move on with their young lives. You can see Mark Naida’s article by clicking here.

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