Brave The Shave And Support McMillan Nurses

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Once again we lend our support to the incredible work done by McMillan and their nurses. The annual “Brave The Shave” event has become a fixture in the calendar growing each year to raise vital funds. So how can you get involved?


Very few of us will have been so fortunate to have lived lives untouched by cancer, with life expectancy rising to unprecedented highs the likelihood of developing a cancer at some stage of your life has reached around 50%. This means that many of us will have first hand accounts of the incredible work done by McMillan and their nurses having seen them care for relatives. Of course all that work costs money and McMillan have a constant need to raise cash – Brave The Shave is just one event but there are many. Each year thousands of individuals, inspired by the McMillan nurse they met during their own brush with cancer, perform sponsored events ranging from climbing Everest to sitting in a bath of beans.

Brave The Shave

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Brave The Shave is particularly close to our hearts. Here at HIS we have been touched by cancer having lost brothers and fathers, seeing young people step up to shave their heads in solidarity with chemo sufferers is heartwarming. Of course, because of what we do, we also see the value in young people walking around with buzz-cut hair – especially the girls.

What Can I Do?

There are two ways to get involved. You can either sign up to shave your own head and sign up sponsors, or you can dig deep into your pockets and sponsor a shaver. Last year 5,773 shavers raised in excess of half a million pounds. An enormous amount of money that went towards providing nurses, but it also helped cancer sufferers in financial difficulty heat their homes and provide call-centres offering support and information to sufferers and their families. We can only imagine the mental fortitude it takes to work in one of those call-centres.

Do It Today

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You can sign up to receive the pack you need by clicking here

Alternatively you can simply donate, either through someone you know who is shaving for the event or by going to the site and choosing a shaver at random. To donate to a random shaver click here

McMillan Cancer Support


To learn more about the amazing work that McMillan do, or to find out about the myriad sponsored events they run each year, you will find something for everyone, please click here


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