Balding mannequin makes customers feel better about themselves

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Balding mannequin helps customers feel better about themselves

Balding mannequin helps customers feel better about themselvesA man’s clothing store in Derby, has introduced a real-life balding mannequin in an effort to better reflect the average male customer. Not only is ‘Fred’ the mannequin, going bald, but he’s also larger in build and short, standing at just 5 feet tall.

This is a positive move that many feel should expand to the female mannequins used in stores. But, is it likely to have much effect on a man’s self-confidence?

Why a balding mannequin is a step forward for fashion stores

Fred has proven so popular at the Derby store, Nero E Bianco, that he even has his very own Twitter account. Andy Holmes, a fashion stylist at the store claims it has even become the company’s mascot.

What’s great about Fred, is that he represents the average male customer. Men face the same self-doubt and criticism when they see unrealistic body images represented in the fashion world. Up until recently, even plus size stores have been known to use slim mannequins to show off their clothes.

But is the mannequin really going to make customers feel better about themselves? Absolutely! It’s a small step to tackle the unrealistic body image men are faced with every single day, but it’s definitely a step forward.

More recognition is needed to break the stigma

More stores will need to start using balding, larger mannequins if real change is to be made. However, there have been small steps taken in recent years to attempt to break the stigma.

In February 2017, we asked whether a bald emoji would help men come to terms with their hair loss. Alopecia sufferer Jade Jarvis certainly seemed to think so. She even started a petition to get a balding emoji featuring both men and women, added in an attempt to raise awareness of the condition.

Overall, the positive thing about Fred the balding mannequin and the petition to get a balding emoji added, is that it does help to raise awareness. Even small steps highlighting the effects of male pattern baldness are going a long way to helping men come to terms with their hair loss.


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