Has Prince Harry Turned To Supplements To Treat Hair Loss?

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The Daily Mail has run an article speculating that Prince Harry is taking a health supplement to try and do something about his rapidly advancing hair loss.


Inheriting A Problem


Prince Harry’s hair loss at a relatively young age is hardly unexpected. His father and elder brother are visible daily indicators that it might be his own fate. Sure enough, recent pictures catching the crown of his head show a general thinning, complimented by some recession at the temples.  Like most Princes his age who find themselves stepping out with a Hollywood uber-babe, Harry takes his appearance seriously. Generally opting for a smart outdoors look with rugged boots if conditions permit. Equally at home in any sports uniform from rugby to polo (horse not water) and in a situation where he needs to be smart he goes for a very classic look, as befits a senior member of the British royals. With his time in the military, and working with wounded soldiers since, Harry seems to have developed, in the full public gaze, into a well balanced young man… notwithstanding the fact that he and his brother recently spoke out on mental illness and the trauma they experienced when losing their mother at such young ages.

What To Do?

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Considering your options for hair loss are probably different for a royal. Were Harry to go for any of the traditional hair loss solutions he would become the first senior royal in British history to do so… it is just about imaginable, given the ubiquitous nature of hair transplants these days, that he has deep enough pockets to get a good enough one to get away with it. Less easy to imagine him getting away with any sort of hair system, the press would just have a field day and the headline would always reference it. It would probably get it’s own dedicated team of paparazzi doing nothing else other than training their lenses on the royal pate in the hope of a “fail”. It would be fascinating to see if he could get away with an Scalp Micropigmentation treatment, but unlikely we admit. Too trendy a look for the rest of the family to accommodate.

So we can understand why he might be resorting to supplements. In Harry’s case the supplement in question is fish oil. Not just any fish oil of course, this is Prince Harry we are talking about after all. This fish oil, with its high levels of the potent the fatty acid Omega B3, is made from caviar taken from the Norwegian fjords. We hope it works, though there is zero evidence that it will. Omega B3 can help with the general condition of the scalp, though the story in the Daily Mail suggests the oil can “… reducing the damage free radicals cause to the hair..”. They also suggest the credit for putting Harry on his healthy path to an attempted cure should go to his Hollywood girlfriend, Meghan Markle – we learn that Harry’s friends have been teasing him since he began shaving his chest last summer since the relationship began.

HIS Hair Clinic


While Prince Harry may well be trying out some herbal hair loss treatments we suspect the fish oil is nothing more than a general attempt at a healthier lifestyle. It is unthinkable that in his position he might try anything more dramatic, in terms of a solution, than a change to his diet. Such are the restrictions on your choices when you are a member of the most photographed family in the world.

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