Balding bandit jailed for stealing hair growth formula

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balding bandit steals hair growth formula

balding bandit steals hair growth formulaHair loss can be a serious issue. Although at least 60% of men start to show signs of thinning in their mid 30s not all of them can laugh it off and accept the inevitable onset of time and its ravages to their glorious manes.

Sometime it’s just too much to bear and people start to act irrationally, occasionally even illegally to address the problem.

One such character, Andres Arias, 36 and a resident of Boco Raton in the US has recently been handed a two year prison sentence for his nefarious attempts to hold back the tide of time on his balding pate..

Spate of thefts around Ohio

Between December 2015 and February 2016 Arias flew to cities in throughout Ohio and then rented cars, making trips to Walgreens and CVS to steal hair and weight loss products.

It wasn’t long before his bald head and method of secreting the stolen products in his trousers was picked up on surveillance cameras and he began to develop a degree of celebrity infamy as the “balding bandit”.

With his face (and scalp) appearing regularly on the news he quickly identified and was arrested in Palm Beach on an out of state fugitive charge.

Crime doesn’t pay

The scale of his operation can be appreciated by the fact he paid a $22,000 restitution. In reality, that kind of money could have been far better spent on a more orthodox way of tackling his increasing baldness.

For a sum of cash like that he could have had a couple of Wayne Rooney-style hair transplants or he could even have embraced his baldness and gone for scalp micropigmentation.

At a fraction of the cost of a transplant this would have given him a macho, close cropped masculine look and he’d still have had enough change to buy himself a fast getaway car.


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