Alopecia Areata – Enough To Drive You To Drugs?

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what causes alopecia areata

Here at HIS HQ we know better than most how losing your hair can lead, among other things, to depression through loss of self-esteem. A court case threw into sharp relief just how damaging some find the experience.



Alopecia Areata

what causes alopecia areata

Alopecia Areata is a particularly cruel version affecting anyone of any age, it presents as coin sized disc shaped bald patches. Sufferers can expect bouts of the illness with peaks often bought on by anxiety, an unfortunate, sometimes self-perpetuating, problem.

The levels of anxiety that can be produced at this time can be life-changing, a once gregarious party person can retreat to become a virtual hermit. Or, as in the case of one driver arrested in the North-West of England, drive you to taking drugs

Baldness – Officially An Awful Thing To Happen


That may sound glib, but the reality is that for many people the first discovery of their own hair loss is a crushing experience.

Surveys studying the differences between how people feel about bald men and their hairy counterparts repeatedly arrive at the same conclusions. That the lack of hair is associated with a few alpha male traits, intelligence and toughness to name a couple. The downside is that on the one scale that would mean more to them than any of the others they score very low for attractiveness. There are exceptions of course and we can all point at a few balding Hollywood hunks  whose baldness has not held them back. But these surveys tell us, time and again, that thing that all men discovering their own hair loss realise instantly and instinctively, hair loss makes us less attractive and is perceived as making us less virile and successful.

With so many negative stereotypes it is perhaps little wonder that many are inspired to do something about it. Whether that is via their doctor and a pharmaceutical route, or going for a hair transplant or a hair system. Both can have drawbacks and now there is Scalp Micropigmentation to compete with – An ideal solution for young men as it comes almost maintenance free and places no restrictions on lifestyle.

Driving Into Trouble


Carl Smith, of Barrow in the North of England, certainly took the discovery of his alopecia areata diagnosis badly. When arrested for driving offences the key element of his defence was that he had been using cannabis to deal with the stress of that diagnosis. His own lawyer described him as foolish and pointed out that he was now on prescribed medication from his doctor. Unfortunately, though we are sure the judge had some sympathy, the fact he was driving without insurance saw him fined and banned from driving. Nevertheless, the reaction of Mr Smith is understandable to us, even if his misguided attempts at self-medication left something to be desired.

HIS Hair Clinic


Alopecia areata is rare, it only affects 0.1% of the population. But it does not respect age or race and can be difficult to cope with… though in most cases is temporary. That said, temporary in the world of hair still means months of misery and the prospect of future incidences. Medication is available through a doctor and Scalp Micropigmentation can effectively camouflage the problem while it manifests (and disappears under the regrown hair once the condition passes).

To meet with one of our friendly team of experts at a free consultation simply complete the form at the side of this page or click here to find your nearest clinic and give them a call.


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