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If the results of tests in Japan are proved true then the answer to hair loss could be in a daily dose of eggs. We look closer.



The mighty egg is an incredible source of nutrients. The website Healthline call them among the healthiest and most nutritious foods on the planet. And who can argue? Eggs are stuffed with protein, making up a whopping 35% of the total.. the egg white is pure protein, or very nearly. A typical egg provides around 6g of protein and around 80 calories of energy.

An egg contains an impressive list of additional benefits in the shape of minerals and vitamins as well as fats, of the healthy variety, beneficial antioxidants and nutrients of the type most of us struggle to achieve a regular intake of. But it was specifically the egg yolk that caught the attention of scientists who were interested in how it interacted with the body and stimulated the production of yet more proteins. One of those generated proteins was of particular interest to the team who were trying to find a key to the secret of growing new hair.

Japanese Study Findings

Publishing their work in the Journal of Food and Medicine, a team from Japan announced some interesting results from a series of studies on eggs and their potential for use as a hair loss cure.

The team have been implanting human hair follicles into mice before treating them. The mice were then given a compound, variously as an oral medicine or topically, created in the lab by the Japanese team. Their report specified the compound in egg yolk which the team identified as responsible for producing a protein, vascular endothelial growth factor, that is critical for the repair and growth of hair cells. The study authors have described the treatment as a potential hair growth stimulation agent.

HIS Hair Clinic

It was a story that took the HIS HQ team by surprise, eggs as a hair loss cure. Eggs remain a daily dietary habit for many people so we wonder whether there is not some research to be done on any correlation between diet and hair retention. In any case, as we know from so many previous news articles of this nature, there are a great many steps between hairy mice and something more exciting – but this research is an original line of enquiry and you can be sure we will continue to track their progress.

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