A Baldover – Are You Serious?

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Courtesy of fading UK tabloid The Sun we bring you news of an article they ran giving a baldover to hirsute celebrities.


The Sun

The Sun was, once upon a time, a hugely significant influence on British politics, with a conservative message that regularly and deliberately overstepped the boundaries of good taste with provocative headlines. It’s sister paper, News of the World, was a Sunday paper that carried similar themes with added celebrity gossip. It eventually closed itself down following it’s disgraceful role in hampering a police investigation into the disappearance and murder of a young girl.. and the public reaction that provoked.

The Sun continues its work despite falling sales, less than half where they were a few years ago, and still has the ability to make us choke on our cornflakes from time to time.

Not So Fabulous

In a section called Fabulous they ran an article titled Baldover… it offered the reader hair-raising makeovers of male celebrities to see what they would look like bald.

The whole piece was trumped up on the basis of one long lens shot of David Beckham, which appeared to show his blond locks thinning out. It prompted the Sun to mock up a picture of what he might look like once the process is complete… and assuming that he ends up at a Norwood scale 7  – where just a ring of hair connects the ears around the base of the back of the head.

Clearly delighted with their work they thought it would be a good idea to do the same thing to several other celebs more usually associated with having great hair. The current James Bond, Daniel Craig if you prefer, was described as bearing a resemblance to Putin, Simon Cowell they said was more Ex Factor than X Factor, and someone called Kit Harrington, previously unknown to us, was described as looking decades older.

HIS Hair Clinic

It’s fair to say this got the blood boiling at HIS HQ. This type of mindless abuse of bald people must surely be consigned to the dustbin of history. David Beckham is a handsome man, he will still be a handsome man when he loses his hair… their brutal imagining of what he might look like serves only to support their ugly theory that bald equals bad. We know the impact it has on young men going through it, worse than that it encourages similarly mindless attitudes among their peers. Someone called Becky Pemberton put her name to this drivel, we’ve added her name to the list of people never to send a card to. There is no link to her original article… she most definitely does not deserve the clicks. We suggest you get up a little earlier Becky, put some thought into how that picture of David might have been used to produce a positive story – though you might have to work at a different paper to get it published.  

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