Your hair is as unique as you are: haircare product company launch app to track your hair’s individual energy code

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System Professional, a branch of the Wella haircare family has launched a brand new app that it claims will allow your hairdresser to personalise your hair treatment, based on your personal hair problems.

How does it work?

The app asks users a series of questions about their hair – from styling queries such as “how often do you get your hair coloured” to more basic questions like “is your hair curly or straight,” lifestyle matters such as sun exposure and of course “are you suffering from hair loss?”

hair energy codeOnce you have answered all these questions truthfully – most answers are given on a sliding scale, so if your hair is neither curly nor straight but somewhere in between, you can be that specific – you are sent your personal Energy Code. Just present that to a hairstylist in a salon that uses Wella’s System Professional range, and they can target your haircare to your individual needs.

Is it just a gimmick?

Until it’s been around for long enough to see what impact it has on hair loss and other hair problems, it’s difficult to know. According to System Professional, the Energy Code mapping system contains more than 174 million possible combinations, meaning your Energy Code is truly unique.

The app can also send you emails prompting you when it’s time to return to the salon for further treatment, so it certainly works in your hairdresser’s favour as well, but if they really can adapt their technology to your haircare needs then maybe it could work in your favour too.

Can it help with hair loss?

That’s not quite clear. They claim that the ingredients used in their products – which are distributed in precise quantities, depending on your individual needs – can help to repair and replenish the hair, protect against free radical damage, increase blood circulation to the scalp and energise the hair roots, but there are no specific claims when it comes to hair loss.

If hair loss is a concern for you, then it is unlikely that an app is going to help a great deal. The best course of action in the first instance is to book a consultation with a hair loss expert, who can assess the extent of your hair loss and advise on the best hair restoration treatment for you.


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