Wrestler Steve Austin says hair loss was his biggest battle

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Wrestler Steve Austin says hair loss was his biggest battle

Wrestler Steve Austin says hair loss was his biggest battleAmerican wrestling legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin recently revealed that despite his thousands of bouts in the ring his biggest challenge was dealing with hair loss.

He went from “stunning” to “stone cold” overnight

Before Steve became “Stone Cold” he was known as “Stunning” Steve Austin, mainly because of his flowing shoulder length blonde locks. With his stage persona so tied to this look it was an understandable shock when he realised he was losing his hair. After the initial panic, he decided to seek expert advice and visited a hair clinic where they discussed a transplant with him. During the consultation he decided that the process wasn’t for him and when he arrived home he shaved off all his hair to create a bald but bold new look, apparently inspired by Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction.

The transformation certainly didn’t harm his career as he went from “stunning” to “stone cold” and his popularity swelled. In his words “it didn’t deter me from success and was probably one of the biggest reasons why I had success, because it was the best look for me.”

Shaving your head can be quite empowering

Often taking the plunge and going for the shaved look can be quite empowering for men (and women) who’re fighting a losing battle with hair loss. Also, these days it doesn’t have to be a completely bald look. The development of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) means that you can sport a fashionable buzz cut without having any hair at all.

The procedure is carried out over a couple of sessions by a skilled practitioner who injects organic pigments into the scalp to create a highly realistic illusion of layered hair. The results are usually so good that even close friends and family can’t tell the difference. It’s never going to reproduce “stunning” long locks but it certainly wouldn’t harm the “stone cold” image.


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