What is Trump’s problem with facial hair?

What is Trump's problem with facial hair?

What is Trump's problem with facial hair?Unless you haven’t noticed Donald Trump has been in the news fairly regularly over the last few weeks. From the debate about the size of the inauguration crowd (where the term alternative facts was coined) to the executive order banning immigrants from 7 countries entering the US, he’s generating headlines and often for the wrong reasons.

Lose the beard if you want promotion

Not known for being particularly tolerant of differences it’s perhaps no surprise that he seems to have a real problem with people sporting facial hair. After all, by his own admission he does place a huge emphasis on “looking the part”. The Washington Post ran an article in January suggesting that former UN Ambassador John Bolton was a victim of Trump’s anti facial hair stance. According to the Post, a number of Trump’s associates thought that former U.N. ambassador was eliminated from the running for Secretary of State because of his moustache. “Donald was not going to like that mustache,” said one associate. “I can’t think of anyone that’s really close to Donald that has a beard that he likes.”

Beard Envy?

Maybe the reason for the dislike is a childlike envy though. Perhaps he can’t grow a moustache or beard himself and therefore refuses to countenance anyone in his entourage who is potentially more masculine and hirsute. If that is the case then he need not worry as it’s now possible to get a beard transplant. Growing rapidly in popularity, this procedure has even better success rates that the more common hair transplant, although the process is largely the same.

The only drawback for most baby-faced men is the prohibitive price with the procedure costing a minimum of £3-4000, although this shouldn’t be a problem for Trump with his enormous resources. It might be time for Trump to sport a twirly moustache and hipster beard. If nothing else it’ll draw attention away from his bizarre comb-over hair style.


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