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Dan Jones is a highly respected British journalist who has put pen to paper to describe his own hair loss journey and offer insights into the lessons he has learned.


The Standard

evening standard

The Evening Standard is the evening paper for pretty much anybody travelling on the London Underground system, by a long way the highest circulating evening paper in the country. These days it is given away free outside and inside stations right across the network and as such has a huge readership. Dan Jones is an excellent journalist with licence to write about whatever takes his fancy in his column. Last friday there was a piece about the privileged student from Pembroke College in Cambridge, the college attended by former Prime Ministers and Monty Python members… not to mention Tom Hiddleston, who was expelled following the viral video of him burning cash in front of a homeless person.  There was another piece pouring gentle scorn on the decision of Lloyds of London, the insurance giant, to ban their girls and boys from drinking at lunchtime. But the piece that really caught our eye was his description of his own journey into hair loss and the thoughts it had provoked… not least on the new leader of the free world.

Desperate Dan

dan jones

Dan Jones has been on a voyage of discovery that will be familiar to many. He opened the article making clear that he has investigated a transplant, speaking about an Irish surgeon who, for the princely sum of £20K ($24K’ish at todays exchange rate) had offered to rearrange about 2000 follicles – we know he means follicular units but we are not going to split hairs (my apologies, irresistable). He refers to a study from a couple of years back which highlighted the depth of fear hair loss can generate in men, it suggested men would prefer to catch their partner cheating or being made redundant at work, or have their entire search history made public (we are not so sure about that last one). He goes on to describe what you would find in his search history, strings like “hats” and “rubbing pee on head for hair growth – does it work?”.

He quoted the great US tennis player Andre Agassi, famous at one time for his flowing locks. When realising he was losing his hair at a rapid rate he said “every morning I would get up and find another piece of my identity on the pillow, in the washbasin, down the plughole”. Agassi went on to describe the trauma of having his hair system fall to pieces during the French Open in 1990.

He saved his best for a swipe at The Donald’s somewhat ridiculous efforts to hide his hair loss. “… Trump, whose pathologies seem to be so blatantly signposted by his hair, that giant buttery bouffant, brushed simultaneously forwards and back across the wasteland on top of his head”.

HIS Hair Clinic


We would not suggest for a moment that President Trump could be improved with Scalp Micropigmentation, far be it from us to make so bold. We have no doubt that it could do the trick for Dan Jones though, having already dismissed transplantation it stands out as the best of all his available options.

If, like Dan, you are exhausting your creative brain trying to imagine new ways of asking Google the same questions about your hair loss then maybe it is time to talk to one of our friendly team of experts. To set up a free consultation simply complete the contact form at the side of the page or click here to find your nearest clinic.


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