Is Wayne Rooneys hair going grey after his transplant?


Following Wayne Rooney’s GBP £30,000 hair transplant (see Wayne Rooney hair transplant and Wayne Rooney Twitter), his fans were rather confused to say the least when he played for Manchester United in their Premier League opener against West Bromwich Albion, sporting what appeared to be a greying hairstyle.

The Director of the London clinic that carried out the transplant says that Wayne Rooney’s grey hair is perfectly normal and only temporary.

The 25-year-old’s hair has lost some natural colour and faded to a light grey sparking fears that the transplant had failed. However, Harley Street Hair Clinic director Nadeem Uddin Khan said:

“It isn’t possible to judge the full effect of a transplant for at least 6-12 months. While the roots re-establish themselves, the growth on top can be patchy and this can involve some initial loss or discolouration. This is entirely normal and does not affect the ultimate outcome of a fully restored hairline”.

If Wayne Rooney is really going grey, it could be the worst £30,000 he ever spent, but it really is too early to make any informed judgement.


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