Celebrity hair loss. Is there a big secret?


Apparently hair loss sufferers of the world are not created equal. Whether it’s online, in print or on TV, rumor has it that certain unnamed celebrities have found the fountain of youth and are unwilling to share its hair raising properties with the rest of us.

Yes, a large segment of the hair loss world believes that celebrities have access to secret hair loss treatments that the rest of us mere mortals will never be able to afford, or get our grubby little hands on.

It must be true, just read the online message forums or the UK gossip rags. It’s all there in black and white.

Take a look at some of the ads promoting hair loss products and services. Many companies boast having a celebrity clientele. Some claim that their products were once reserved for the rich and famous, and are now for the first time being sold to the the general public. Even the hair piece industry has created names for their wigs like, Hollywood Lace or Celebrity Skin (this one might work well in another industry).

The world is obsessed with celebrity, we see photos of celebrities showing thinning hair in one photo and Fabio type hair in another. What is it? What did they use? What is the celebrity hair loss secret? This obsession makes it that much easier for the con men who litter the hair loss industry to take advantage of vulnerable hair loss sufferers.

We receive countless emails on a daily basis asking about these celebrates and what they’ve done to regrow their once thinning hair. Well here it is, I am once and for all going to reveal the secret that the hair loss world has been waiting for…THERE IS NO SECRET!

Celebrities dealing with hair loss are just as lost as the rest of us when it comes to finding a solution to effectively deal with their condition. I have personally had correspondence with several of the celebrities that have been written about in the tabloids, and who are talked about constantly on the message forums. Unfortunately most of these celebrities contact me only after they themselves have been conned or disfigured.

It amazes me to find out that many of these celebrities end up in the chairs of some of the most notoriously, less than qualified hair restoration surgeons in the field. Two Hollywood bigwigs that come to mind were disfigured by the same New York based hair transplant surgeon, and what I find interesting about their situation is that they were both referred to this guy by their agent.

The bottom line is this, celebrities have the same options for treating their hair loss as the rest of us. Many make the same mistakes as we have, and some are luckily enough to find the right path before being ripped off or disfigured.

The next time you see your favorite balding celebrity with more hair on their head, take solace in knowing that that you too can have the hair of a celebrity, even if that hair comes in box

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