Trump’s not the only one who needs to consider side-effects

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Trump's not the only one who needs to think about side effects

Trump's not the only one who needs to think about side effectsPresident Trump’s long-term doctor has recently revealed he takes Propecia to maintain his thick, golden locks. However, experts have warned over the potential side effects of popular hair loss treatments.

When you’re searching for a hair loss remedy, the last thing you think about are the potential side effects. Unfortunately however, these side effects are very real and potentially dangerous.

Understanding the dangers

There are many hair loss medications and topical treatments available, some of which have proven to be extremely effective. The trouble is, they do come with potential side effects that you need to be aware of.

Plaquenil, or Hydroxychloroquine, is linked to visionary problems, though this side effect is pretty rare. Still, if you do use it to treat your hair loss, you will need to undergo mandatory annual eye checks just to be safe. It can also lead to stomach upsets, along with blood cell and nerve cell damage.

The more common Finasteride drug is known to lead to a loss of libido, and it can potentially cause impotency too.

More seriously, the Tofacitnib drug is linked to numerous types of cancer.

So, are these drug treatments worth risking your health to save your hair? Not when you consider there are safer alternative treatments out there!

What safer alternatives are available?

Perhaps the most effective, safest alternative hair loss treatment available is SMP, or Scalp MicroPigmentation. It can either be used to cover up balding spots in longer hair, or as an all-over treatment for those experiencing significant balding.

SMP is a specialist procedure where tiny pigments are carefully inserted into the scalp. They mimic the look of hair follicles and are more commonly used to create a shaved head style. Hundreds of different colours are available and more than one shade is typically needed to create a stunningly natural appearance.

Overall, with options such as SMP available, it doesn’t make sense to risk your health with dangerous drug treatments. Book a consultation today to see if you could benefit from SMP.


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