Trump gives thumbs up to facial hair

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trump facial hairAn opinion piece in the New York Times this week by Christopher Oldstone-Moore muses about the appointment of John Bolton to National security advisor.  The tongue in cheek piece draws attention to Bolton’s Bushy moustache and he doesn’t conform to Donald Trump’s normal preference for appointees from “central casting”.

100 years of American history and facial hair

The article takes a trip through 100 years of American history and facial hair and draws some broad conclusions.  Focusing on Hollyood stars from the golden age  and politicians from the both sides of the spectrum, it concludes that facial hair is a sign of manliness, aggression and also impulsiveness.  These  are, of course the defining traits of Trump himself so the author concludes that maybe he’s mentally separated his aesthetic dislike of facial hair from the “pugnacious manliness” it represents.  He even goes so far as to suggest that the President may take to wearing one himself.

How to exude “pugnacious manliness”

So, what if you want to exude “pugnacious manliness” but struggle to grow a beard?  Well there’s some good news because beard transplants are on the up.  The procedure works just like a regular hair transplant but instead of migrating follicles to the top of  your head your face becomes the recipient.  It’s normally very successful and the great news is you can have exactly the style you want unlike the random tufty growth that many of us have to put up with.  Some US surgeons are reporting that, whereas 10 years ago they were maybe doing 4 or 5 beard transplants a year they’re now doing similar numbers every week.  It’s clear no longer such a niche requirement.

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