Supposedly the Top Trend for 2016 is PRP to restore Your Bikini Line

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bikiniFor years, women have been torturing themselves trying to stay hairless down below. Celebrities long set the trend for the famous bikini wax, with Victoria Beckham even going as far as to say they should be compulsory from age 15. Now however, it seems the tables have turned. Women who were once proud to be hairless are desperate to get their bikini line back and they’re doing so with PRP.

What is PRP?

PRP is known as Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. Blood is taken, usually from the arm and then it is spun around in a machine (centrifuge) which separates the platelets. These are known to be rich in proteins that are linked to growth. In particular, they are thought to encourage hair follicle growth. In the machine they are concentrated to around three times the amount of normal blood values. The platelets are then injected into the affected area.

Originally used as a hair loss remedy to treat male-pattern baldness, PRP has recently been helping women regrow their bikini line.

Reversing laser treatment

The women who are seeking out PRP are those who underwent laser hair removal to eliminate the hair completely. These days it is trendier to have hair than to be completely bare. Women are starting to love their bodies exactly how they are.

Cameron Diaz is a particular fan of keeping it natural. The actress has been quoted as saying “You might change your mind about hair removal and the man who thinks it’s sexy right now, you might change your mind about him too.”

So does PRP really work and what can you expect if you have it done? Well, according to those who have undergone PRP therapy, it does hurt. However, it’s a small price to pay to going back to being ‘all woman’. It’s especially popular with older women who find being hairless over 40 feels a little too strange.

Could PRP be used as a general hair loss treatment?

PRP can be and is used as a general hair loss treatment. While there has been a surge of women using it for their bikini line, most patients have the therapy on their scalp. Studies are still slowly being released to determine how successful it is. However, many people have seen success after undergoing treatments.

Overall it may not be the most common hair loss treatment, but PRP is gaining in popularity. If you’re thinking of getting it done however, be aware that it does come at a high cost at an average £1,300 per treatment.


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