SMP can help you beat hat hair with style

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SMP can help you beat hat hair with style

SMP can help you beat hat hair with styleGQ, always on the ball with the latest trends, recently applauded actor Lucas Hedges’s new buzzcut hair style. The up and coming star of Manchester by the Sea has shaved off his trademark shock of ginger hair and gone for something clean cut and “badass” to quote the men’s magazine.

Hedge’s new style heralds a new winter trend that keeps you looking smart even if you choose to wear a hat to keep the cold at bay – if you leave your hair longer, the risk is that you’ll end up with the dreaded “hat hair”. The only other option to keep out the cold and avoid the dodgy hair would be ear muffs and they definitely don’t fall into the “badass” category.

Just shave it off and don’t look back

Many balding men are actually volunteering to shave off their remaining hair and opt for Scalp Micropigmentation. This increasingly popular procedure is a great way of adopting a permanent, low maintenance buzz cut. Over the course of two to three sessions a skilled practitioner will gradually create a layered effect using natural pigments. The results are startlingly realistic to the point where work colleagues and even close family don’t realise that your new style is actually a very clever illusion.

SMP – virtually zero recovery time

Unlike hair transplantation, SMP is non-invasive and therefore has virtually zero recovery time. Also, because the treatment happens over 2 or 3 sessions it gives you a chance to consider the developing style with the practitioner and discuss the final look to get it just right. It is entirely possible to return much later and change the style too if you fancy a new hairline or a denser pattern.

So, if you want to wear the hat, whilst staying perfectly groomed and emulating the latest star look it might be time to shave it all off and have a word with your local SMP clinic.


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