Donald Trump Has Hair Loss Battle Outed By His Own Doctor

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After years of questioning about his non-flowing locks, denials from the Donald about the use of hair systems and all manner of other weird and wonderful hair loss solutions, the truth is finally revealed… we look closer.


Tools Of The Trade


In the run up to his taking the job of President, Donald Trump accepted that his new role was likely to impact on the time he spends each morning with a can of hairspray and a comb. It’s a scene I can easily imagine. As a small boy I would watch my dad do something that sounds identical, every morning he would carefully massage his remaining hair into a kind of spread thatch across the top of his head using the spray to fix it in place. His friends called him Harry (his given name) Five’O. After Jack Lord’s character in the series Hawaii Five O who, at the end of every scene, would whip out a comb and run it through his magnificent head of hair.

So it does not matter if you are a rough tough hard-drinking Glaswegian carpenter or the most powerful man in the world, coping with hair loss is an everyday struggle.

The Truth Is Out There


We have seen some spectacularly left-field suggestions for Trump’s appearance, going back years. They were all rehashed during the election campaign, even provoking the would-be President to allow a talk-show host to ruffle his hair. Which put the hair system theory to bed at least – though it never stood up if we are honest. Who on earth would believe that a man with his wealth would buy a hair system that looked like that!?

After all this hyperbole surrounding his hair it was almost a disappointment to learn, from the man’s own physician, that the truth is incredibly banal. Dr. Harold N. Bernstein became well-known when he wrote the letter confirming Trump as in good health… not the full release of his medical records that Trump promised voters but there you go. The medical authorities criticized the letter for using strange wording and drawing an odd conclusion.  We wonder what they will now make of Dr. Bernstein’s pronouncement that Trump has been taking Propecia to stop his hair loss. It effectiveness varies from patient to patient but it would seem that Trump is one of those who has achieved a halting of the progress of his own hair loss. Bernstein also disclosed his use of a medicine to control a condition called rosacea, which results in a redness of the skin.

So at a stroke we now have a much better understanding of why the new President looks so strange. His orange appearance is a medical condition, as opposed to having a powerful sunbed at Trump Towers in New York. And his hair is the hair of many a man his age, it is just that Donald Trump is in that dwindling group that still resort to hairspray and a comb before stepping out of a morning.

HIS Hair Clinic


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