Sly as a Foxx?


With his new movie where he shows his head tattoo, we can’t help but wonder if actor Jamie Foxx is just sporting some intricate ink or hiding something.

American actor Jamie Foxx is back in action this month on the big screen in Horrible Bosses 2 rejoining funny men Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, Jason Batemen, while teaming up with former screen partner Christoph Waltz in what is one of the most anticipated comedies this year. With all the hype over this new movie comes all the publicity appearances. So we’re seeing a lot of Jamie Foxx this month. And we can’t help but ask, what’s up with that hairline?


Over the years, Foxx’s hairline has receded substantially. Almost always wearing his hair shorty cropped and close to the his head, it can be difficult to see if his hair has thinned out much, but his forehead certainly become more prominent. However, in recent years, one can see a sudden resurgence of Foxx’s hairline. In fact, the dramatic change in his appearance and his new “boxy” hairline style has people wondering if Foxx has had some sort of work done on his hairline, specifically a hair transplant.

What clues lead people to this assumption?

First, as mentioned, is the hairline. Foxx’s actor career is very diverse: from stand up comedy and sketch comedy shows, to his own television show, to guest appearances in music videos, to leading and supporting roles in blockbuster movies — Jamie Foxx has done it all. This sort of success and fame, however, puts one squarely in the public eye. So as fans have followed his success from project to project, his appearance is easily trackable as well.

grid-cell-21171-1399563996-8It’s easy to see the type of hairline Foxx had years ago while working on shows like In Living Color and The Jamie Foxx Show and see how it’s changed over the years, from progressively worse to substantially better.

The second “clue” would be the tattoo on the back of his scalp. In 2008, for what was described as a way to celebrate his 40th birthday, Foxx was seen sporting a tribal band tattoo on the back of his scalp. Now, head and face tattoos are nothing new (see pro wrestler Bam Bam Bigalow and Mike Tyson), but the type, size, and placement of the tattoo raises some suspicions. The tattoo is on the back of the scalp, running nearly ear-to-ear. This type of placement and size is similar to that of a hair transplant, which has caused people to speculate that not only did Foxx have a hair transplant, but also got a head tattoo to hide and cover the scar left behind.

To keep the hair short the way that Jamie Foxx normally does would certainly expose any sort of scarring, hair transplant or otherwise, but an elaborate tattoo would do the trick to cover and conceal the scar.

To date, Foxx has yet to come out and admit to having a hair transplant. But the significant changes that have been seen recently are too drastic to overlook. It may also be possible, given how dark the “new” hairline and side profiles look, that Foxx could be using some sort of concealer spray or powder as well.

What do you think? Transplant or no transplant?


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