Has Bono been losing his hair lately?


The music industry has its own superstars much like professional sports or the film industry. Each has certain groups or individuals to look up to. These people are the ones that have had a significant amount of consistent success in their career. They have inspired many through their work and continue to do so through the story of how they achieved it. The lives they lead are of such interest that these people are constantly in the public eye.

One such person is the celebrity that is Bono, the front man of the rock band U2. This band he helped start came together in the late 70’s and continue to make great music together. They have had hit after hit and played at sold out concerts each and every time. Awards have been plentiful and the rewards have been many. Bono along with U2 has solidified themselves as one of the best bands in history. The world has witnessed their steady rise and has the photographs to document it.


The years have been extremely kind to Bono. He has given a lot to the music industry and it has rewarded him in so many ways. He has been able to avoid the temptations of his profession and his conduct is beyond reproach. This is an achievement in itself for such a world-renowned rock star that is at the same time deeply immersed in philanthropy. To put things into perspective, he is now fifty-four years old. Being someone beyond fifty it would be no surprise that signs of aging have already set in.

Male pattern baldness is quite a reality for most men. It is almost unavoidable especially when one has gone well beyond the age of thirty. A receding hairline is quite the norm and hair loss almost a daily occurrence. It is a gradual progression that begins above one’s forehead and moves along a deliberate path unless it is treated effectively.

Those in the earlier stages of male pattern baldness mostly use shampoos and concealers. There is also medication such as Propecia to combat and prevent further hair loss. These remedies may work but the side effects to them are real. Even more advanced treatments such as follicular unit transplantation (FUT) are not one hundred percent sure to work. The same goes for the more elaborate version of FUT known as follicular unit extraction (FUE). It transplants healthy hair follicles one at a time to the area of the scalp where alopecia is most prevalent.

Seeing photographs of Bono throughout the years could bring one to conclude that he has also gone through the signs of alopecia. It is surprising however that his hairline has been able to successfully go back to normal time and time again. What has he been doing these past few years that seems to help him reverse these signs of male pattern balding?

The answer may lie in the method called SMP or scalp micropigmentation. SMP is a simple procedure that creates pigments unto the scalp without need for any invasive surgery. It creates the illusion of a full head of hair by creating a pattern that works with one’s existing hair strands. There is a presumption that one should get SMP only in the advanced stages of alopecia. This is not entirely true as men can get it even if the balding has not yet fully overtaken the scalp. Specialists may skillfully place and group pigments in certain areas of the scalp to make the hair look thicker in areas where it is thinnest.

Bono’s hair though not as long as the mullet he used to wear still looks quite healthy. One cannot really see through to his scalp. His hairline seems to still be intact and his head of hair still full. SMP however, can be used to create this effect. It may be said that Bono has been losing hair through the years though it does not seem quite so obvious as with other celebrities.


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