Ricky Ponting and the Yeah Yeah Club

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For a period of time there was speculation as to whether or not Ricky Ponting joined his fellow cricketers in the ‘yeah yeah club’. The hair transplant club. Some of the Australian cricketers had already had a hair transplant and it appears that Ricky Ponting indeed did join them.

Along with many men hair can start receding at any age and for some it is devastating. They see it as a sign of growing old. This is not always the case as teenagers can start losing hair and there are elderly men who have a thick head of hair.

There can be several causes of hair loss and it is important to understand why the loss of hair or thinning before going for surgery. For some who are undergoing certain medication or illness it may the cause of hair loss and once treatment has finished it will grow back again. Others may constantly wear a hat or keep their hair tied back tightly. This can cause hair to be ripped from the scalp and it will not grow back.

Good care of your hair is important and there are some simple ways of keeping hair shiny and revitalised. For dry brittle hair that seems to fall out massaging in coconut oil and leaving in a towel before washing with a good shampoo will bring it back to life. It is natural to lose hair as hair dies naturally and new hair replaces it.

Keeping your hair in good condition will pay dividends but for some people this will not happen due to different circumstances. Ricky Ponting had receding hair that could only be replaced by more direct action, so he chose a hair transplant procedure.

There can be side effects which would have been fully explained to Ricky Ponting before he went ahead with any surgery. With the scalp having to be anesthetised and hair follicles from the back of the head transplanted to the bald spots. There is a risk of infection if great care is not taken and scarring can then occur. Once the operation has finished antibiotics are needed and it could take up to a year for the process to fully complete.

The advantage for many people is the confidence it gives them having a full head of hair. They feel and look younger which in today’s competitive world has become important. At one time all that would have been available would have been a wig or toupee which were noticeable. They have greatly improved over the last few years but still it is not a long lasting solution. The procedures for hair transplants have greatly improved and have a good success rate.

Ricky Ponting joined his fellow cricketers and took the plunge to increase his hair volume. This was initially denied but it is hard to say it has not been done when there are obvious signs of new hair. It was a stigma at one time to go ahead with type of cosmetic surgery but with more celebs coming forward it is becoming a bit of a trend.

It is an expensive operation and one that does take time and patience to see the end results, it is not an overnight procedure and could be why Ricky Ponting did not want to confirm or deny. Celebrities now are a lot more open to their fans telling them what surgery they may have undergone. This can have a positive effect on people in a similar situation and do not have the confidence to confront it. The younger you approach hair thinning the better your chances will be of having long lasting hair transplants.

Having successfully undergone the surgery that is not the end of the story. To keep the new hair healthy care needs to be taken. A good diet is essential to keep the hair follicles in good order. Brushing the hair regularly to encourage new hair stems to grow is necessary as well as washing at least once a week. Massaging the hair stimulates the scalp which leads to healthy hair growth.

From studies it has been shown that the majority of those that have gone ahead with a hair transplant have felt more confident and do not regret the procedure. Feeling good about your appearance gives you the confidence you need especially if like, Ricky Ponting, you are famous and are watched by the media. As a cricket captain it is important to him to look his best both on and off the field. Sportsmen have a lot of followers and can influence a great many people and with more confidence people listen.


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