Halle Berry’s Hair Loss Troubles

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Halle Berry, one of the worlds most famous American actresses and former model, is a star whose natural beauty is admired by her many fans across the world. However Halle has battled with postpartum hair loss, making the maintenance of her look much more difficult at times

As with most women Halle Berry likes to look her best and one of her stunning features is her hair. Naturally thick it is one of the first things you look at when you see her at an award show. Looking after hair and keeping it in prime condition does take a little work.

For Halle Berry she found her hair to fall out after the birth of her daughter which can be stressful when you are trying to get back to the figure you had before pregnancy. During pregnancy the body changes and more hormones are produced. These hormones can stimulate the hair follicles in your scalp and encourage more hair growth. During this period women often find they have a thicker, shinier head of hair than normal.

This was true for Halle Berry she had a thick head of hair and it looked good. After childbirth the hormones drop back to normal after a while and excess hair is no longer growing. It then looks as if your hair is suffering as the excess hairs fall out your hair looks thinner and can become thinner.

Knowing what is happening to the body at this time helps to overcome worries about the changes that are happening. It can take up to three months after birth for you to notice thinning of the hair. This is the average time it takes for the hormones to start settling down. This type of hair loss or thinning is called telogen effluvium and is not normally long lasting.

Halle Berry will have had pressure to get back on track after the birth of Nahla Ariela and like most women want to get her figure back. Unfortunately it can take time, exercise and a good diet. Having a good balanced diet helps strengthen the hair follicles in the scalp and therefore helps produce new hair growth.

Giving the scalp a good massage to stimulate the hair follicles is an excellent treatment followed by a wash with a good shampoo. Just like any beauty routine it takes time and effort to keep the body looking good and healthy. Diet is an important part of that routine and should be closely monitored.

Halle Berry was soon back to looking at her best and encouraging other mothers. Having a newborn baby is hard work and getting a figure back and looking healthy is not easy. It is hard to have a career, especially one that is closely watched by the media, and look after a new born. Time has to be taken to look after yourself as does Halle.

Men and women lose their hair and most of us do at some point in life. It is not something that is thought of by many people, it is part of the body so wash it and tie it back. Unfortunately it is one of the first things people see and comment on. It is not just the rich and famous who want to look good and it is easy to have a good head of hair if it is looked after.

Stress is another big cause of hair loss and again with the right help and finding out the cause of the stress hair can be encouraged to grow again. Pregnancy can be a stressful time for some but with hormones boosting hair growth it is not always possible to see and then after the birth when levels get back to normal thinning can be seen.

Always seek professional help as there may be other underlying factors that need to be sorted. For Halle Berry she is back on top both in her career and as a mother. Her hair looks just as thick as before childbirth and there are no signs of any hair receding or thinning. Celebrities are under a lot of pressure to keep up appearance and the public does not help as that is the way they like their stars to be seen.

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