Richard Madeley has a hair makeover on live tv

hair makeover

hair makeover

Some would say it’s a brave, even foolhardy move to elect to have a new hairstyle attempted on live TV but that’s exactly what Richard Madeley agreed to in August on his last day standing in for Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain.

Mocked for a 40 year old hair style

Having been mocked on the show ealier in the week for his 40 year old style, Madely decided to allow the Love Island star and barber Kem Cetinay to create a new look for him.   Expectations were running high as Richard exclaimed, “He’s got firm but gentle hands.  He’s going to put it in a unique style.  Why am I doing this? Mad!”.

The problem is that the finished look really wasn’t that different to his existing style leading to a flurry of activity on social media saying that the whole experience had largely been a waste of time.  One tweeter pointed out quite accurately “he literally combed his hair back…”

Fun experience but not keeping the new style.

Whatever the public view of the cut Richard still seemed pleased with the outcome, although he still couldn’t tear himself away from his previous style saying,”I don’t think I’m going to keep it, but it was fun!”

Fortunately, Richard still has a good head of hair which is fairly unusual for a 61 year old.  If he’d been losing it then this would have put the pressure on to go for a more radical style.  Viewers would probably have been far more entertained and appreciative if he’d decided to shave the whole lot off and go for the bald look or perhaps even have Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) to really sweep away the amiable tousled image and go for the bad boy, buzz cut look.  The fact is though, Richard’s not likely to change his style after getting used to it for 40 years unless he’s got no choice.


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