Pop Idol Gareth Gates talks about his hair transplant

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pop idol gareth gates

pop idol gareth gatesGareth Gates is the latest in a long line of celebrities who’ve decided to go public about their decision to undergo a hair transplant.  In an industry where looks are vital thanks to the ceaseless glare of the camera and spotlights, hair transplants have always been popular but it’s only in the last few years that stars have taken to openly discussing their procedures.

Hair transplant to boost career

In Gareth’s case he’s quite open that the transplant is all about boosting his career.  Known for his hair when younger he began to feel it was becoming a talking point for all the wrong reasons as he was being forced to rock a dodgy combover to at least maintain the semblance of hair.

His decision to go public was to attack what he still sees as a stigma for men stating “women have their lips done, faces lifted, or boobs done and this is now the new thing for men – and I don’t think there should be any shame about it”.  Hats off to him for his altruism and, of course the extra publicity in the national press probably won’t hurt his career either.

He could have tried SMP

The fact is that transplants have become quicker and more successful as techniques have improved over the years so expect to see more celebrities opting for the procedure in the future.  Another increasingly popular treatment that avoids the combover is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP).

Over a couple of sessions a highly trained professional will inject micro dot organic pigments into the scalp which create a layered look that is indistinguishable from real hair.  Even to the point where close friends and family don’t notice.  It’s also cheaper and much less invasive than a transplant with little or no downtime.  Whilst this isn’t designed to give you a full head of flowing locks it will create a highly realistic illusion of a shaved buzz cut and could have given Gareth a change of image from pop idol to tough guy.


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