Is it time for Rooney to try SMP?

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hair transplant myths uncovered

hair transplant myths uncoveredWayne Rooney is in the press again with yet more speculation about his hair transplants.  This time the Sun newspaper is suggesting that his hair is continuing to thin despite a number of transplants that are rumoured to have cost upwards of £30,000.

The paper suggests that the hair loss could be attributable to the stress he’s currently under after being prosecuted for drink driving and the resulting marital discord.  It’s certainly true that stress can be a significant factor in hair loss.  The Sun also claims that he’s being using spray on thickener to disguise his lack of hair.

Time to shave the lot off?

The time may have come for him to consider alternative solutions to his thinning hair.  Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP is becoming increasingly popular globally for men with hair loss conditions.  The process is much less invasive than a transplant and usually involves 2 to 3 sessions with a highly skilled professional practitioner who will inject organic ink compounds as a layer of fine microdots into the scalp.

The reason for the second and possibly third session is to let the first phase settle down in order to create a proper 3d layered buzz cut look.  The results are astonishing though, with close friends, family and even team mates unable to spot that it’s not real hair follicles.

Works with the existing hairstyle

It’s low maintenance (virtually zero), he could choose his own hairline and it’s permanent.  It would also work with his existing hairstyle until it all falls out.  Like the thickening foam SMP gives the impression of more volume by reducing the contrast between scalp and hair and removing the glare of the skin but it doesn’t have to be continually applied and is far more discrete.

The truth is that Wayne has such short hair anyway it wouldn’t be a great leap to go for the crew cut look.  If he was to do it now then nobody might even notice if he gradually clipped his hair shorter to reveal his new clean cut SMP look.


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