Piecing Together Trump’s Hair Loss

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trump transplantThe gust of wind that blew Donald Trump’s hair up revealing a bald patch on the back of his head as he boarded Air Force One could be just the clue that the media have been looking for.  For years his unique combover has been the centre of press speculation.  Some have asserted it’s a hair piece whilst others have suggested that it’s the result of a scalp reduction procedure gone wrong.

The truth about Trump’s hair may be simple

The truth may be simpler than that.  It could just be the typical result of a hair transplant from decades ago.  The bald spot which he admitted yesterday he tries “like hell” to conceal is in an abnormal place for standard male pattern baldness where hair is usually shed on the crown and forehead.  In Trump’s case the bald spot at the back could well be the result of Follicular Unit Transplantation where strips of skin are taken from donor areas at the back and sides of the hair to transplant onto the balding areas.

These days the procedure has evolved into a far less invasive technique called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) where individual hairs are transplanted using fine needles and a stereo microscope.  It’s a lengthier procedure but the results are far better with virtually none of the lateral scarring and potential damage to the donor area you can get from FUT.

“it doesn’t look bad”

One thing is for certain is that Trump’s hair will continue to capture the imagination of the world’s media.  Like a trademark he wears a style that is as recognisable as the McDonalds golden arches and although it might not to be everyone’s taste he clearly appreciates it.  At the Conservative Political Actions Conference on 23rd February  he ran his fingers through it and boasted that “it doesn’t look bad”.


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