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hair cutMale pattern baldness affects the majority of men at some time in their life, but when it happens at a young age, it can prove particularly distressing. Many men turn to all kinds of natural remedies and extreme cover-up methods to hide their thinning locks. However, did you know the remedy could be a simple haircut?

For years, Prince William has been under the spotlight for his ever-thinning locks. However, in mid-January, the royal stunned the world with a new haircut which appeared to make his locks look thicker and fuller.

Here, we’ll look at whether the right cut could really be the answer to thinning hair.

How much of a difference can the style make?

As Prince William has shown, the right cut can make a staggering difference to thinning hair. His cut of choice is the “buzzcut”, a style which is known to result in a softer finish. Using a pair of scissors and a comb, the soft finish helps to draw less attention to balding areas, and also makes the hair appear fuller.

In contrast, growing what remaining hair you have left, will have the opposite effect. Instead of covering up the problem, it can actually draw attention to the balding areas. This is because normal hair which is growing properly, is generally a lot thicker than the thinning hair. So, it does provide a vast contrast which highlights the thinning areas.

The right cut can therefore make a big difference, but it’s never going to be as effective as actual hair loss treatments.

SMP may be great alternative

If you’re looking to cover up your thinning locks, SMP could be the answer. This innovative treatment is used to both produce a shaved head appearance, and cover up balding areas by shading the scalp.

SMP is a highly specialised tattoo technique, which inserts tiny pigments of ink into the scalp. This creates a follicle effect, which looks surprisingly realistic. There are hundreds of colours available, which means the results will also look really natural. It requires very little maintenance and results will typically last for years to come.

Thinning hair can be hard to accept, but thanks to the number of effective treatments on the market, you no longer have to. Book a free consultation with one of our friendly specialists now to discover how SMP could help you regain your confidence.


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