My link with Trump: hair loss drugs

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My link with Trump: hair loss drugs

My link with Trump: hair loss drugsWriting recently in the Southland Times, Oliver Smith dryly points out that he’s recently discovered that he actually has something in common with Donald Trump: they both take finasteride to stem hair loss, following the recent revelations about the US President from his personal GP, Dr Harold Borstein.

Whilst Smith doesn’t spend too long pondering Trump’s motives he explains that in his case the decision to go to daily medication to stop losing his hair was entirely designed to make him attractive to the opposite sex. Smith’s decision was made all the easier when he noticed his hair was thinning in his 20s because both his grandfather and father both went completely bald at an early age. Without intervention he saw baldness as almost inevitable.

Tinder user doubles matches after transplant

The fact is that about a third of men will experience some kind of balding before they hit 30 and although lots of women claim not to be put off by baldness the results from Tinder unequivocally point to the opposite, with a doubling in matches after a hair transplant for one user.

What does impotence matter if you’re an undateable baldie?

Although the drug can prove to be highly effective with success rates of up to 90% it doesn’t come without its issues. Firstly, you can’t stop taking it or the hair loss will just pick up where it left off. This means an ongoing cost and also because you can’t come off it, you’ll never know whether your hair loss would continue or whether it would stabilise itself. More worrying is a growing body of clinical evidence linking finasteride to depression, self-harm and impotence.

None of this put Oliver off though as he frankly explained his thought processes, “I vowed to give them a go (what does impotence matter if you’re an undateable baldie”.


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