Jason McAteer reveals results of hair transplant

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Jason McAteer reveals result of hair transplant

Jason McAteer reveals result of hair transplantRecently, former Liverpool and Republic of Ireland wing-back footballer, Jason McAteer has revealed that he underwent a hair transplant procedure to combat his receding hairline. He showed off his new look with fuller looking hair and a better defined hairline, while he spoke to the media about feeling self-conscious as his hairline had started thinning in his early thirties.

McAteer pointed out that despite playing football, his career also required him to regularly appear on TV and in magazine shoots which left him worrying about his hair loss. He is pleased with his hair restoration results and feels that the stigma around hair transplants should be lifted, especially as the procedure is gaining popularity and is easier to access.

How does a hair transplant work

A hair transplant is usually a minimally invasive process. It requires hair follicles to be grafted from a donor site and then transplanted to fill in bald patches. The hair follicles which are grafted are usually genetically resistant to balding and within 6 weeks the natural hair cycle resumes, resulting in natural and healthy hair growth.

The hair transplant procedure itself may leave a small scar on the patient’s scalp where hair is grafted from. However as this is typically from the back of the head, it can be concealed by hair in the surrounding areas on the scalp. Patients who feel conscious about the scar have the option to conceal it with a quick scalp micropigmentation (SMP) procedure.

Are the results worth it?

If you are looking into getting a hair transplant, the best thing you can do is to speak to hair loss expert and patients who have previously undergone the procedure. Many people who have had a hair transplant find that once the results are visible, they feel an immediate boost in their self-esteem and confidence.

Make sure that when looking for a hair transplant surgeon, that you find someone experienced and well-reputed. It is worth spending extra money to ensure you are getting the best service, as a bad hair transplant can cause unnatural-looking results, excessive scarring, hair thinning and even infections. However if the procedure is correctly carried out by a professional, it can be a positively life changing decision you won’t regret.


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